DLARC - HAM Radio Technician Class - Add'l info
Albert Einstein's explanation of radio:
"You see, wire telegraph is a kind of a very, very long cat. You pull his tail in New York and his head is meowing in Los Angeles. Do you understand this? And radio operates exactly the same way: you send signals here, they receive them there. The only difference is that there is no cat."

     - This course is taught by the Delaware Lehigh Amateur Radio Club for FREE - (Click on their "Classes" Link) 
     - This information is in addition to the information available in the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual and website.

All of these links where quickly selected as an aid for the class.  Please let me know if you have ANY comments on how bad, good, long, short, helpful, useless etc. that each of them is for you. ALSO if you find a video or any other link that you feel could be helpful to this and future classes please sent me the info or bring it to class.


Click Here for some links to online practice tests are listed at the end of this page (Some free - Some not free)

Introduction - or - What can you do with a HAM radio

The Essence of Ham Radio
I've talked with Kings, doctors, actors, astronauts, aristocrats, Indian Chiefs...
What can you do with HAM radio
100 Years of HAM radio
Discovering Amateur Radio

Chapter 1  - ARRL Add'l info - Welcome to Amateur Radio

Intro to the ARRL Book
By Dave Casler, KE0OG
Seven Year Old gets her HAM License!
Yup! Anyone can!
Sisters 7 and 8 years old get their License
From Shippensburg, PA!
Do you have the 'knack?'
(Note: Great if you have it. You don't need it.)
Listening in on an orbiting satellite with an HT

Info on how to talk with the International Space Station (ISS)
(Amateur Radio on the Int'l Space Station)
Real Time Ham Communications with the International Space Station
YouTube Video - Includes a mini tour of the International Space Station
(Want to know when the ISS over your head? Click Here )
(What it feels like when YOU make contact with the ISS! Click Here )

Chapter 2  - ARRL Add'l info - Radio Signals Fundamentals

AC Electricity
AC symbol
How Repeaters Work
(Getting 'over the hill' is sometimes very desirable!)

Chapter 3  - ARRL Add'l info - Electricity, Components, and Circuits

BatteryImageHow they work
Batteries (when they are abused) 
BatteryImage The portable power we need, but don't mishandle them
Resistor Image
Transistor Image
Manual Switch and Relay
Relay Symbo
Induction (Coil)
coil symbol
Impedance and Reactance
Resistor Image and coil symboland (capacitor)

Chapter 4  - ARRL Add'l info - Propagation, Antennas, and Feed Lines

Radio Propagation (summary)
Radio Propagation 101
Directional Antenna - Diana Eng
Why 1/2 wave length
Building a Dipole
J Pole
Build a home antenna for your HT radio 16:34 (first 10 min)
Homebrew antenna made from  ???
Lightning vs Antenna
How to use an SWR Meter
SWR explained

Chapter 5  - ARRL Add'l info - Amateur Radio Equipment

Build your own repeater!

Chapter 6  - ARRL Add'l info - Communication With Other Hams

Ham Radio Jargon

Your first call using a local repeater

Chapter 7  - ARRL Add'l info - Licensing Regulations

Tips on Earning Your First Ham License

ARRL -Frequency Charts

GIANT - Frequency Chart

FCC ULS (Universal Licensing System)

Chapter 8  - ARRL Add'l info - Operating Regulations

Chapter 9  - ARRL Add'l info - Safety

What is it like during an
Amateur Radio Exam? -->
Click Here
HERE’S A VIDEO OF A VE SESSION (fyi).   Gives a good overview... not overly exciting, but important. Techs, Generals, and Extras all take the tests together. Note that the levels are color coded so we don’t get everything mixed up.  At least 3 VEs are required to be present to assure integrity of the process. The tests are graded quickly using the blue plastic overlays on the bubble-answer sheets, visible in the video  We don’t give you scores of how many right or wrong. Oh, yes, by the way, sorry, we don’t serve coffee and donuts (I think they run weekend morning VE sessions)!

Links to some websites for Questions and/or Practice Tests

(Some charge and Some are free. Some like one some like another. Send me your opinion.  Please send comments on any of these and others you have found.)

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Ham Test Online Charges - 2 Year subscription - Has comprehensive tracking of your progress, strong points, weak points and many other options.
HamStudy.org website
Free. Options include... Study, Flash Cards and Practice test.  You can sign in with your email address, Facebook or Google accounts
Ham Study (YouTube explanation)  Explanation of how HamStudy.org works. (Sound is very quiet)
ARRL's Ham Radio License Practice
Free - Requires Sign-up
ARRL Question pool Free - A list of the questions
ARRL Getting Ready to take the Exam
Other practice tests are shown here
AA9PW.com exam practice No sign-up needed. Free. Practice exams with scoring at the end.
Radio QTH Free. Requires sign-up. Keeps a history of the practice tests you've taken.
QRZ Practice Exam Free. Requires sign-up. Shows previous question with your answer and the correct answer. Keeps a running score.
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